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Why Prenatal Postnatal Therapy

Why Prenatal Postnatal Therapy ?

Dr. Leslie and Dr. Kaitlyn are pelvic health physical therapists specializing in pregnancy care and birth healing. We are passionate about nurturing women on their journey through motherhood, and address all areas of your life that may impact recovery including rest, nutrition, and even processing the birth story.

“I want women to know they can influence their birth and postpartum journey! It was through my own birth experiences and recoveries that I developed a desire to help other women during this stage of life. I was exposed to spinning babies during my 3rd pregnancy as I tried to better position my baby in preparation for a home birth. It was important for me to be proactive during the pregnancy to minimize pain and complications during labor. Then after my 4th delivery I was suffering from prolapse, diastasis recti, and bladder leakage. Through that recovery I knew I wanted to provide women a more holistic approach on this journey of healing, and do it in a way where they truly felt cared for.” – Dr. Leslie Kremer (Founder).

A complete recovery after baby’s birth starts with caring for the mind, body and spirit during pregnancy.

The goal is to avoid birth trauma and long term pelvic floor problems. At Prenatal Postnatal Therapy we have utilized our combined 25 years of experience to develop our Better Births, Radical Recoveries program, which combines prenatal bodywork, exercise training, pelvic floor awareness and education to give women a more positive birth experience and postpartum recovery. If you are like most women we work with, you are fearful of how your birth will play out, or what kind of damage will happen to your body in the process. You have been led to believe you are at the mercy of your provider and that you need outside intervention.

The truth is, you can take power over your journey and have an easier, uncomplicated birth without trauma.

This is what will help you have a transformational positive birth experience.

What Other People Just Like You Are Saying About Prenatal Postnatal Therapy In Eastern Iowa, IA

20+ 5-star reviews

Casey G.

Dr Leslie has been helping us with our infant son after tongue and lip tie release. Using CST she has been working on his tension throughout his body, helping our nursing and newborn stage relationship. The environment is always calm and she is so gentle with him. He is so settled during and after sessions!

Rachael B.

Dr. Kremer and Dr. Smith are so wonderful to work with! They have helped me physically and emotionally prepare for a VBAC. Dr. Kremer encouraged me to visit Iowa City midwives, and I’m so glad I did. Without them I wouldn’t have the knowledge or confidence going into my second birth. Highly recommend!

Ivy G.

I was fortunate to find Leslie when suffering from unidentified abdominal pain. She immediately made me comfortable and helped me work through issues that had been affecting me for years. I was not expecting or actively recovering from birth at the time but her services changed my life. I am forever grateful to her.