Our Story

A complete recovery after birth starts with caring for the mind, body and spirit during pregnancy. The goal is to avoid birth trauma and long term pelvic floor problems. We have utilized our experience as a physical therapist to develop our Better Births, Radical Recoveries program, which combines prenatal bodywork, exercise training, pelvic floor awareness and education to give women a more positive birth experience and postpartum recovery.

Dr. Leslie received her MS PT degree from Clarke College in 2002 and Doctor of PT degree in 2013 through Des Moines University. In addition to providing pregnancy and postpartum support to women, she also offers Craniosacral therapy for babies struggling to adjust earth side to achieve balance in their bodies for less fussiness, improved sleep, and improved feeding. When she is not in the clinic doing the work she loves you will find she enjoys walking, biking, running, pilates, and yoga. She lives with her husband and 4 daughters in Cascade, IA.

Dr. Kaitlyn received her Doctorate of Physical Therapy Degree from Clarke University in 2018. Her interest in pelvic health started in response to recognizing the need for women to have more support around pelvic health conditions, and grew even more through her own pregnancy and postpartum journeys. She has an amazing skill set for addressing a multitude of pelvic health and orthopedic concerns. Additionally, Dr. Kaitlyn is certified in functional dry needling.

If you are like most women we work with, you are fearful of how your birth will play out, or what kind of damage will happen to your body in the process. You have been led to believe you are at the mercy of your provider and that you need outside intervention. The truth is, you can take power over your journey and have an easier, uncomplicated birth without trauma. This is what will help you have a transformational positive birth experience.